Easing Into Things

It may be the dog-days of summer but as July tips toward August I find myself eyeballing the horizon: updated family calendars, back to school, fourth quarter goals, 2017 strategic plans, holidays. Changing out my closet, updating fall colors, revitalizing exercise routines, rotating recipes, celebrating with family. And, oh yes, awaiting motherhood!

Never having been one to let grass grow under my feet, I am easing into the upcoming hustle and bustle by starting some projects now. First up today is writing this article on our newly revamped website (yeah!). Why this project? Because many of you are asking to hear from me and I’m very happy to connect with you via occasional posts.

The way I see it life is full of the monumental and mundane so I’ll share both the brainy and lighthearted. I’ll write about what catches my attention or affection at work or on the home-front. Like many of you, I have a multigenerational tribe of folks and furry friends that I love in addition to whatever I’m doing at the Center. In case you’re interested, I also post on the Center’s Facebook page and add my own take on things. Hopefully a hodge-podge of these musings will add a little extra something to your day.

Until next time,