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The P-Word

When was the last time you wanted to describe an idea by using a particular word or phrase but you held back because the word or phrase might raise seriously ruffled feathers or cause you to be judged? In my almost daily work addressing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia there is a word that has permeated medical literature for several years but is still scarcely whispered among serious-type professionals. It’s the P-Word. And despite the fact that doctor types hesitate to use it, the fact of the matter is that it needs to be said because everyday folks are focusing on it.

What’s this P-Word? It’s prevention. Yes, you read the word correctly. Prevention. What could possibly be so controversial about prevention, you ask? More importantly, let’s hear all about it! None of us want to have troubles with memory or thinking as we age.

Last week Mandy Oaklander wrote a fantastic article Untangling Alzheimer’s in Time Magazine. It covers the current Alzheimer’s disease scientific landscape and quickly pivots to why lifestyle changes can be the best way to protect our brains as we age. Why do I want to sing from the rooftops about this article? Because I have said all along as a specialist in aging and brain health that we need to be talking to folks about the exact lifestyle issues the article highlights.

Since the founding of the Center for Optimal Brain Health I have insisted that we discuss the importance of lifestyle with patients, caregivers and family members we serve. No matter what traditional diagnostic service we provide we must also consider someone’s overall health, especially the health of their heart. At the Center we offer a special appointment called the Baseline & Annual Simple Screening (under the Clinical Services tab). We also devote the Wellness section to more extensive Brain Wellness Lifestyle Evaluation to help people learn about how they fare in the areas linked to brain health in order to make changes and improve.

I encourage you to read the TIME article and take heart. While we have a long road to travel as we continue to develop new treatments for Alzheimer’s, we also have a lot of power in our hands to help ourselves age better. If you want to learn about how you can personalize your lifestyle for powerful brain health consider calling the office to schedule an appointment. You are welcome to attend one of my upcoming speaking engagements where I address how to live a brain healthy life. Check out our Upcoming Events or call the office to learn more. At the Center we are committed to providing you and your loved ones the best specialized diagnostic and supportive care for your brain health. Along the way we promise to continually encourage you to live the most brain-friendly life possible.