Training, Tea and Me

Things are hopping at the Center and this week things are especially abuzz. I am just back from a week’s worth of continuing education where I learned about new medication protocols for a variety of diagnoses. The information was exciting and will be very useful as I help people.

As an added benefit I planned the training around a study opportunity in Cape Cod. Getting away from Houston’s heat was all part of my plan. In addition to getting cutting edge instruction, I enjoyed a nature-filled getaway full of walks and quiet that was good for the mind and body. (Interested in how a walk outside is good for your mind? Check out my recent Facebook post).

The down-side of it was that while I was away I came down with a cold. My forested cabin became not only a shoe-box study hole but a place to fortify and quickly get myself well. In addition to basic remedies I decided to try a new anti-inflammation turmeric tea that I’ve wanted to make. Get the recipe and read about it HERE.

The tea tasted really good – and yet, it didn’t taste like tea at all. It tasted like the end of summer; a mix between chai and one of the autumn pumpkin-spice drinks peddled at coffee shops. I enjoy the taste of turmeric, but surprisingly the spice’s flavor was absorbed by the gentle sweetness and very mild spiciness of the other ingredients. My cabin didn’t have a microwave so I warmed everything in a saucepan and it was still fast and easy to make. Thanks to a reader’s comments I made one change to the recipe and added honey at the very end. You might try that too. Will I make it again? Absolutely.

By the end of the trip I left with new tools in my toolbox to help care for patients and families. I also left more rested and connected with the great outdoors. And to top it off my cold flew the coop so maybe the tea was helpful. If nothing else, it certainly was enjoyable as was the rest of the getaway. Life is busy, but sometimes productivity happens best when we fly the coop and get outside. So here’s to cooler temps, productivity and end-of-summer adventures.