Baseline & Annual Simple Screening

If you are healthy and do not suspect a problem, the Baseline & Annual Simple Screening check-up is a great place to start. It offers a snapshot of how well your brain is performing, assesses risk, and helps you integrate brain health awareness into your lifestyle. This appointment is quick and lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes - you leave with your results in-hand.


Neuropsychological Evaluation

A Neuropsychological Evaluation is a comprehensive assessment which results in a professional diagnosis of a neurocognitive issue. If you have been referred by your physician, we recommend beginning here. Once completed, a report is written and is followed by a family care conference, where Dr. Carlson Zhao or Dr. Andres Tapia explain the treatment plan and makes recommendations that she shares with the patient and her healthcare team as directed by the patient.

Please call our office for more information about independent, forensic, and third party Neuropsychological Evaluations.

Self-Pay & Medicare Approved Service

Family Care Conference

Additional family care conferences for existing patients and families may help you address related ongoing health concerns.


Follow-Up Consultations are a Support Service for new and existing patients.

$250/ Hour