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Do you have more and more difficulty remembering names and words? Does it take you longer to do mental calculations? Me, too. Do you rely more and more heavily on your calendar, smartphone, calculator, password reminder? I sure do. Not being able to easily remember people's names is annoying! Am I losing "it"? I sure wanted to know, so I consulted Dr. Holly Zhao at the Center for Optimal Brain Health for baseline cognitive testing.

Testing and results took less than an hour and a half. I was scheduled promptly. All results are strictly private and go no further than Dr. Zhao's office. The cost was $295.

Dr. Zhao's testing shows my results are consistent normal aging. I stand low odds of being diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) even if I were given a full neuropsychological evaluation. I am relieved and glad I got tested.

Dr. Zhao tells me about 50% of her patients are like me and just want re-assurance and to establish a baseline. The other 50% have been referred by an MD. She can see patients far more quickly if they pay the fee themselves, rather than if they go through Medicare or medical insurance, where she says testing waitlists are often six months long.

Learn more about "The Queen" of Long-Term Care Insurance, Honey Leveen, at

Learn more about our Baseline Simple Screening appointment that Ms. Leveen spoke of here.

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