Partnering with Professionals

Diverse professionals benefit from independent neuropsychological services, including physicians and healthcare practitioners who benefit from our timely scheduling and feedback. Attorneys, finance professionals, human resources directors, business owners and corporations also benefit from the evaluation of their clients and employees. This type of work is commonly referred to as “forensic service”.

We work hard to offer you unique resources to meet your needs. Please read more below to learn about referring your employees / clients to us. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with professionals and value these relationships.

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Referring Healthcare Professionals

We are happy to receive referrals from healthcare professionals when neuropsychological evaluation or diagnosis are important in the management of healthcare and quality of life issues. Please download our physician and healthcare professional referral form here. We would also be happy to share materials prepared especially for providers and patients.

Many healthcare providers have specific needs to accommodate their practice flow and patients. Please let us know your needs and we will gladly work to accommodate preferences. For more information on healthcare referrals, please contact Evan Vauk at or call 713-487-9310.

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Corporate & Forensic Partners

We partner with corporate clients and professionals to offer independent, forensic services addressing matters including civil and criminal law and corporate concerns. Dr. Carlson Zhao accepts new forensic referrals on a case-by-case basis. If you are an interested professional in need of forensic services for your client or organization she would be happy to speak with you.

For more information about forensic services including capacity evaluations, guardianship, fitness-for-duty and pre-employment evaluations please contact Evan Vauk at or call the office at 713-487.9310.

Physician and Healthcare Professional Referral Form